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James W. Tibbs graduated from the University of Idaho in 1988 with a degree in architecture and a minor in art.   Since that time he has been employed by architectural firms of various sizes in Kalispell, Montana, Sarasota, Florida and Portland, Medford & Ashland, Oregon with job titles ranging from Project Manager to Senior Architect.  He currently holds an active architectural license in Oregon and inactive licenses in Montana and Idaho.  In 1996 Mr. Tibbs started his own  architectural practice in Montana with projects ranging in size from single-family residences to large manufacturing facilities.  In 2001 he relocated

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to southern Oregon's Rogue Valley and established an architectural studio in Grants Pass and later in Central Point.


The design philosophy of James W. Tibbs, Architect is to work closely with the client to find the optimal balance between client needs, project budget, function and aesthetics while integrating the natural topography, climate and site conditions into the final design.  Guided by client input, alternative solutions are explored before focusing upon the most suitable concept.  While each site and program may lend itself to a variety of possible solutions, attention is placed upon finding the  ideal solution that will meet the programmatic requirements of the particular project while integrating functionally, environmentally and aesthetically with the surroundings and fulfilling the client's needs.  Utilizing the principles of balance, scale and proportion yields a finished product that is functional, pleasing to the senses, and harmonious with the environment.


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